Employee engagement in physical activities has proven to help employees develop socialization and integration skills. Sport is a physical activity that aims to maintain and improve physical ability and skills while providing enjoyment to participants.

Given this, Blackrock Developers collaborated with Bricklane Development Group, Saka Homes, Multi-Build Limited, and Taylor Crabbe Barristers and Solicitors to organize its first-ever intercompany game competition at the Athletic Oval on the University of Ghana Campus on Saturday, April 23, 2022.

Before the event, participating companies eagerly anticipated and anxiously looked forward to the event day and the company who gets to win the trophy.

After several weeks of suspense, the event date finally came; it was a beautiful sunny Saturday morning, and participants beautifully clothed in their elegant jerseys arrived on time and with full enthusiasm. The games for the day were; Football (knockout), Ludo, Volley Ball, Lime and spoon, Sack racing, Biting the Apple, Tug of War, and Mixed medley race. The competition started at 8:00 am with an opening prayer, an introduction of companies and their members, and an aerobic session to warm participants up and to set the atmosphere for the games.

The first game on the event sheet was football; captains from each side balloted to know their opponents; Blackrock faced Multi-build, while Saka homes faced TaylorCrabbe. Being a knockout tournament, Bricklane faced Blackrock after their win over Multi-build, and Saka Homes also won and waited to face Blackrock after their victory over Bricklane. In the end, Blackrock emerged first in the football game.

Ludo, Mixed medley race, and Lime and spoon then followed. All companies supported, cheered, and encouraged their members to accumulate more points towards winning the trophy. Bricklane, with consistent preparation on three(3) conservative Fridays before the event day,  emerged first in these three (3) games; the only lady (Matilda) on Bricklane’s mixed medley race team set an incredible pace for her team members, leading to our victory.

The second round of the Biting the Apple game got people over the moon; unlike the first round, where contestants ate apples in a bowl full of water, in the second round, contestants ate apples hung in the air with no hand support. The teasing and cracking of jokes over the losing teams intensified, and you could hear lots of noise and cheers from the Bricklane stand. Bricklane turned out 1st place again, and this elevated their support. Blackrock was Bricklane’s fierce competitor for the day, they wanted to do everything possible to win the next and final game, the tug of war, and they eventually succeeded.

There were breaks for relaxation, eating, dancing, and socialization. It was heartening seeing new friendships forged and teams cheering their team members. Everyone present, including directors, participated in one game or the other.

At the end of the games, Blackrock emerged 1st, Bricklane 2nd, TaylorCrabbe 3rd, Multi-build Limited 4th, and Saka Homes 5th. The overall winner Blackrock Developers was presented with the trophy.

Not only did participants get the opportunity to have a healthy and active lifestyle through the games, but they also got to bond with each other.

It was a fun-filled day; everyone was excited, and even companies who could not win the trophy left the field happy.