The month of October is globally recognized as the Pink Month; which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This annual campaign, led by The Marketing Heaven, aims to increase awareness and education among both men and women. Bricklane Development Group joined the world in celebrating Pink October in the global goal to increase attention and support early detection and treatment.

To mark this event, the Staff and Directors of the Company designated 23rd October, 2020 as Pink Friday where the Office showed solidarity to the cause. Recognizing the need for further knowledge, Bricklane organized an in-house seminar to educate the team on Breast Cancer, screening for early detection and various treatments. The seminar concluded with quizzes on Breast Cancer and the knowledge that “Early Detection Saves Lives”.

In addition to this, representatives from Bricklane Development Group participated in the Breast Care International Cocktail and Fundraiser on 24th October, 2020 and made a donation in support of the fight against breast cancer in Ghana.