Bricklane Development Group, in partnership with the Ghana Education Service-Madina Municipality, and Pantang Hospital, successfully hosted a Menstrual Hygiene Day event on May 28, 2024. Themed “Together for a Period-Friendly World: Creating a Supportive Environment,” the event aimed to empower young girls, break the silence surrounding menstruation, and promote a more open and informed society.

Over 1,000 participants, including students, teachers, healthcare professionals, and Bricklane representatives, gathered at Pantang Hospital Basic and Junior High School. Mr. Kweku Antiedu, Headmaster of the basic school, welcomed the participants, emphasizing the importance of fostering open communication about menstruation.

Bricklane’s commitment to this cause was further underscored by the company’s Human Resource Manager.  She highlighted the company’s belief that education is paramount for creating a healthier and more equitable society, where young women and girls can participate fully without limitations imposed by menstrual health challenges.

The program featured informative sessions led by medical professionals from Pantang Hospital and Bricklane Team. These sessions tackled various aspects of menstruation, including debunking myths surrounding menstruation, encouraging open dialogue, and notably, emphasizing the importance of male understanding in creating a supportive environment.  A practical demonstration on proper sanitary pad usage was led by Mad. Millicent Sarfoa, a midwife from Pantang Hospital. This session aimed to promote confidence and good hygiene practices among the girls.

Interactive elements like poetry recitals, dramas, and student performances added vibrancy and encouraged active participation. Discussions addressed the socio-economic impact of period poverty and explored strategies for creating supportive school environments, including improved access to WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) facilities.

Bricklane further solidified their commitment to menstrual health equity by distributing over 500 sanitary pads to the girls in attendance. The event concluded with positive messages displayed by students, reflecting the success in fostering confidence and dismantling the stigma often associated with menstruation.

This initiative aligns with Bricklane Development Group’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and their focus on promoting wellbeing and educational equity in the communities they serve.